A blurb about me. Being me. 


Damian Golfinopoulos

I’ am a 32 year old visual story teller with a strong technical background in digital media. 

For the last five years my home has been at TV3 where I was/am an Avid news editor.

Everyday I rush against incredible deadlines to help journalist’s tell stories to the rest of the country. I’ve worked in close quarters with the likes of John Campbell. Mike McRobert. David Farrier. Samantha Hayes - you name it. I cut long form investigative stories, weird entertainment stories and even hardcore sports.

But I also have a squirming, writhing, and monstrously hungry imagination that wants to make fictional moving images.

During these years I also honed my chops as a young director, making many NZ On Air funded music videos and through this process I had to continually create my own pitches and treatments. And win them.

I’m a fast, and experienced editor but day to day I also have strong Photoshop, In Design and After Effects skills. I also spent the better part of the mid 2000’s as a sound engineer, composing music for television and web content. So am more than useful when it comes to sonic work.

But that’s all technical stuff: a means to an end.  The bottom line is I do what I must in order to tell a story and share ideas with an audience. 

I’m self taught, but have thrived in professional environments with my skills. I love criticism and feedback and grinding away with a team to help tell the best version of a story. 

What else is there to say about me?

I started out as a young painter. I’ve worked in a gallery space. I ran a recording studio for many years and composed music for television and web content. I’ve been studying acting for the last year and a half and basically doing all that I can to work towards becoming a better story teller. I also have a big collection VHS cameras and old 80's video gear and I know about stranger movies than you.

I know that the next stage for me is to work with experienced directors in a creative environment. I want to learn among the best. I feel that my taste for film, music and art is wide reaching and diverse and combined with my technical experience as a hard core news editor, make me a creative asset. 




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