Recently co-directed and edited for the Loading Docs 2017 collection.

A film about a play about the joys of chronic illness. 

The Sun Hates Me

A Vimeo staff pick I directed and edited in 2014. This is a story about the trials and tribulations of a film crew that head to the Australian Outback to make an impossible music video. 



The 9th Floor : Ep5 - Helen Clark

Gangs Fight Child Poverty

An inner city gang tackles child poverty by feeding hundreds of school children. A story by Ali Ikram, cut for Campbell Live in 2014. 

The Great Saudi Sheep Deal

An investigation into the absurd and corrupt lengths our government went to a win a Saudi trade deal. Cut in 2016 for 'The Nation'.

Zero Hours

A story about Unite union's campaign to eliminate 'zero hour' contracts in the New Zealand food service industry. Cut for Unite Union, 2016.