So: Who am I?


I’ am a 32 year old visual story teller with a strong technical background in digital media. 


For the last five years my home has been at TV3 where I was an Avid news editor.


Everyday I rushed against incredible deadlines to help journalist’s tell stories to the rest of the country. I’ve worked in close quarters with the likes of John Campbell. Mike McRobert. David Farrier. Samantha Hayes - you name it. I cut long form investigative stories, weird entertainment stories and even hardcore sports.


But I also have a squirming, writhing, and monstrously hungry imagination that wants to make fictional moving images.


During these years I also honed my chops as a young director, making many NZ On Air funded music videos and through this process I had to continually create my own pitches and treatments.



And why should you hire me ?